Learning portfolios

On the right hand side of this Home Page is a link called
‘My Learning Portfolio’.  Your Realsmartteachers may be sharing activities with you soon that will help you with your learning. TPSSmart is made up from two learning zones:

  • Google Documents and other Google Applications
  • RealSmart

RealSmart will allow you build learning portfolios and post assignments.  It will help you learn by linking you to blogs,
web sites, learning maps and places where youE-portfolio_2 can post your assignments and keep your teacher informed about your progress.

This is something that will grow quickly from now on.  Click on ‘My Learning Portfolio’ and see what is there for you.

Having problems getting started?

Please help meIf you are having problems logging on to TPSSmart please contact me, Mr Purchase, by e-mail  –  tpsjpr@tpssmart.com
or, Mr Pye  –  tpsspe@tpssmart.com
If you need your password re-set, your subject teacher can do this for you in lesson time.